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Bamboo flute playing posture

Bamboo flute playing posture

The flute should pay attention to posture, which is not only a problem of playing image, but more importantly, it is to adapt to the physical characteristics of the player, give full play to the skills, and better express the music content. Mr. Zhao Songting, the master of the southern bamboo flute, once put forward a verbal decision on the essentials of posture in his book "Flute Art Spring and Autumn": the flap should be straight, the flute body should be flat, the head should be straight, and the chest should be straight. The thumb and the little finger support each other, and don't make the bamboo flute willow gold. You can hold eggs between the tiger's mouth, and

your joints are comfortable and your hands are good. The six fingers should be pressed tightly, and the fingers should be relaxed into an arc. There are specifications for ups and downs, and unnecessary movements are thrown away cleanly. The tone of the mouth is as tight as I like, and the thickness of the mouth is up to my mind. Open your arms forty-five, and all the dragons and white tigers will do. Avoid pretentiousness in playing posture, and see the true feelings seriously. (Among them, Qinglong and Baihu refer to left-handed people holding a flute called Zuo Qinglong, and right-handing people called right Baihu.) In addition, please note that "little finger sticking to the body of the flute" is required for holding the flute, and it is also the need to increase the sound hole in the future. Be sure to place it properly.

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