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How to choose the right bamboo flute

How to choose the right bamboo flute

Choosing bamboo flute should be considered from the quality and category of bamboo flute. For the bamboo flute, in addition to testing the quality of the flute pipe, the quality of the flute production level is also high.
1. The quality of bamboo tested. Thick and thin. The wall-fitting state is developed in the flute. No worms, scars, etc. all over the body. The appearance is beautiful and generous. These requirements can be judged by sight.

2. Check the sound accuracy of bamboo. The method is to follow the tuning standard flute or fixed music (accordion, electronic organ instrument, etc.) to control the test. After the tonic is determined, the entire pronunciation of the flute is checked accurately according to the interval relationship. You can also blow each overtone to see if it is easy to produce and clean. Examining overtones is also a good way to test actual intonation.


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