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How to maintain bamboo flute

How to maintain bamboo flute

1. After the performance, shake the water out of the tube and wipe it clean with soft paper. In cold weather, blow for a while,
There were liquefied water droplets coming out of the flute.
2. When placing the bamboo flute, it is best to put it upright for a while, in a cool and dry place, to prevent insects. Don't let the bamboo flute often
When damp, beware of damp inside the flute tube, plus the influence of dry weather outside the tube, it will break;
3. It is best to apply some oil to the socket of the socket flute for lubrication, and pay attention to it after playing.
If you don’t use him for a while, you have to unplug the socket flute. If you don’t pull it out often, it may cause
Rust can't pull it out. It is not easy to split it from time to time, and it is easy to damage the copper sleeve and affect the sound quality.

4. When carrying it, put it in a fleece or box to avoid falling and touching.
5. Avoid high temperature, dryness, and cold: bamboo is fragile and will break after being exposed to high heat or cold.
Therefore, it is not advisable to put the bamboo flute in a high-temperature place, so as to prevent it from cracking after the heat, and it is not easy to get it outside in a cold place.
6. When playing, there is some saliva in it, so the inside of the flute should be scrubbed frequently, otherwise it will take a long time
It will condense into a layer of black dirt, which not only affects cleanliness, but also obstructs the air
The flow of the column affects the performance of the bamboo flute.

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