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What should I do if the bamboo flute is very dry and dry?

What should I do if the bamboo flute is very dry and dry?

As bamboo flute lovers do not have the correct breathing method and ventilation method, they often blow saliva into the flute along with the breath. This not only makes it easy to wet the flute membrane, but also affects the pronunciation of the bamboo flute, causing dry mouth and tongue.
Solution: First of all, we must make sure to use the breathing method, that is, chest and abdomen joint breathing. It is required to inhale the breath slowly into the pubic area (lower part of the lower abdomen), and then slowly blow out the breath through the control of the lower abdomen and lips.

(A.) I lost my breath, my lower abdomen and lips cooperated to blow air to the wall to make the small piece of paper stick to the wall and not fall off.
(B.) The dantian is sinking, the lower abdomen and lips cooperate to light the candle. Blow slowly to make the candle flame fall down.
Drinking plenty of water is beneficial to playing the bamboo flute, moisturize the mouth and throat, and pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the mouth. Naturally relax your mouth, avoid blowing and vomiting. Persevere and practice more to achieve conditioned reflex, increase the endurance and control of abdominal muscles and increase lung capacity.

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