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The bamboo flute doesn't sound, dizzy and dizzy

The bamboo flute doesn't sound, dizzy and dizzy
Nine out of ten people in a dormitory on a university campus can't play the bamboo flute. This is commonplace. Bamboo is consistent? The reason should be that it is difficult to play the flute, especially a little basic, orLearn the flute first, so that it is easy to absorb the flute again. It is a common problem for beginners to play the flute. In the final analysis, it is not a correct image, and tends to have strong control and control, and the flute is too strong when playing. , The growth is vigorous, and the

duration will lead to breathing, causing the brain to use the birthday, sore and swollen cheeks, dizziness. The correct way to play the bamboo flute is to slowly blow the pipe, practice control, and send it into the flute step by step. The mouth shape is naturally relaxed, and avoiding violent blowing and vomiting. The lower abdomen face force is enhanced to simulate endurance and control the increase in vital capacity; in this way, the problem of swelling and dizziness in the two cheeks is also solved, I wish you success!

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