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Is the bamboo flute easy to learn?

Is the bamboo flute easy to learn?
Like other musical instruments, the bamboo flute is easy to learn but difficult to master.
The bamboo flute is also known as the bamboo flute. It is a traditional Chinese musical instrument with a history of more than two thousand years. Beginners should choose the flute (3 hole F) to learn. It is easier to get started than to learn the erhu, but it must be practiced until it is available in the country. A certain fame, this is more difficult than learning Erhu. Bamboo flute can be carried with you. It is a popular instrument and easy to find a teacher. Therefore, it is easy to learn the flute, but it is difficult to become a master, because the level of today's Chinese flute masters has reached China The peak of past dynasties. And the erhu has not reached the peak of history in the contemporary era.

The bamboo flute learns to play simple songs very quickly. A primary school student can play 1234567 in one week...all intervals can play simple songs in two weeks.....One year later, you can play bamboo flute solo. Songs. And the bamboo flute is completely self-study. You have to buy a bamboo flute tutorial and practice step by step. Listen to more CDs and make progress faster. I am self-taught, but you have to make more flute friends and visit more famous teachers. This progress is even faster.
Bamboo flutes are traditionally divided into two categories: Bang flute (treble flute) and Qu flute (middle and bass flute), but with the large-scale development and popularization of super bass flute (Bass flute), modern scientific classification should be divided into four categories : Treble flute, alto flute, bass flute, bass flute; each type of flute includes 5-6 kinds of bamboo flutes. The above is classified according to tradition and pitch, in addition to the types of bamboo, red bamboo flute, white bamboo Flute, purple bamboo flute, Xiangfei bamboo flute, etc.


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