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16 /17 holes C key+E 925 Silver flute head, French button

Price: $400
Sale: $378

1.The flute head is made of 925 silver , body and the buttons are silver plated with white copper.
2. 17 hole -The tail pipe adds B key, the range is improved, the tone is more loud, and it is more effortless to play.
3. Square mouthpieces have better penetrating power and French mouthpieces make the air flow more concentrated.
4. Split button + E split, treble and vibrato play easier.
5.The original stainless steel needle spring has strong elasticity, is not easy to be deformed, and the button rebounds quickly and feels comfortable.
6: Italy pads, good airtightness, just tapping can achieve a good airtight effect, reduce the playing intensity, to avoid deformation of children's fingers.
7.French key, engraved with exquisite carving, allows you to enjoy the beautiful music while enjoying the beautiful flute.
8.High-end red wooden box and soft velvet bag, very elegant, can effectively protect the flute from collision.
Three major Technology:
1.digital hole technology, accurate hole position, improve pitch.
2. Double liquid quenching process, the tube body material structure is uniform, excellent resonance, excellent sound transmission.
3.The inner wall finish grinding process, the inner wall is smooth, reduce the loss of air flow, play more effort.

We have assembled components precisely made with state-of-the-art technology, one by one careful handwork.
Design that sticks to detail, such as shape, size, angle balance of lip plate that guides flute unique breath correctly, beautiful key to keep it easy to hold, and so on.
The ease of blowing, the precise pitch, the beauty of the tone that takes advantage of the characteristics of the material invite you to the joy of playing the flute.
Professional flute kits, equipped with professional tools such as cleaning sticks, cleaning cloths, oil boxes, screwdrivers, white gloves and more.Factory outlets, give you the best price.

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