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Chinese Bamboo Bawu Flute Vertical Woodwind Bambu Flauta Ethnic Musical Instrument Bau Beginner G/ F Key Ancient Dragon Carved

Price: $15.00
Sale: $11.00

Original Yunnan Ethnic Dai Tribe Bawu
Bawu is a vertical blown free reed pipe originated from ethnic Dai tribe of Southwest China. It is traditionally played by ethnic minority groups in the region, but now its influence has spread across China with its evocative sound associated widely with Chinese culture.
Bawu resembles a vertical flute in construction, except for the insertion of a small reed into the blow-hole. The player needs to apply substantial air pressure to maintain the vibration of the reed. It has a pure, clarinet-like timbre, and is quite a haunting instrument when played.
In recent years, the rich, mellow tone of bawu has become a favorite with composers of film soundtracks (heavily featured in the film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", an Oscar Winner for Best Music, Original Score, 2000). Meanwhile, the development of advanced bawu models, such as dual pipes bawu and vertical bawu, has flourished its range and varieties, taking this very traditional instrument into a new height.
Material: Bamboo & Cooper & ABS
Keys option: G/ F
We'll randomly deliver one to you unless requirements on key are specified when placing an order
Fingering holes: 7 open holes
Artmanship: Chinese dragon carved
Every single flute is carefully checked in order to make sure it's in good condition before shipping it out, if you have difficulty in making the received flute sounded, please check whether you played the flute in a correct way or contact us immediately to figure out where the real problem is. Requirements on refunding without any advance communication would be rejected.
Note: the mutiple quantity of bawu in the below pictures is only for aesthetic perception, what you will get is one piece.
Package include:
1* Chinese flute bawu
1* Chinese knot
1* Bawu pouch


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